Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Convention 2013 3D Swap: Satin Fun Flowers

3D swaps are cool. They are anything besides a card or a scrapbook page. Think pins, tags, boxes, candy holders, notebooks, etc.

I love making these layered satin flowers with the Fun Flowers Die.  You shrink the fabric with your heat tool, glue several layers together, and use to make pins, etc. or to embellish stuff.   They're extremely versatile--great for the front of a card, magnet, pin or bag tag.  You'll see a lot of these on my convention swaps. 

Making a spritz is easy. Add 70 percent isopropyl alcohol  to a Spritzer bottle. Drop in Ink from a refill bottle. The more drops, the darker the intensity. Lighter colors will take more ink. I probably spritzed the Pistachio Pudding flowers  3 or 4 times to get the color the way I wanted it.

The centers of the satin flowers were flowers made from the Simply Pressed Clay and the silicone molds.  They were so easy to make.  I got about 140 flowers from one pack.  Half of my clay flowers have glitter on them--just sprinkle Dazzling Diamonds glitter inside the mold before adding the clay.

Satin Fabric (the cheap stuff), Heat Tool, Hot Glue
Fun Flowers Bigz L Die
Buttons & Blossoms Simply Pressed Molds and Clay
Dazzling Diamonds Glitter
Coastal Cabana, Crisp Cantaloupe, Pistachio Pudding Ink Refills
Stampin' Spritzers, Isopropyl Alcohol (70%)
Pin backs, pin tacks, magnets, key chains etc.

I made ALOT of flowers for my convention swaps. My Big Shot really got a workout.  How do you know when you need new cutting plates?  When you crack the plates!!!!  How many passes can one set of plates take?  I don't know, but these were my original plates, and I'm sure it was hundreds if not thousands of passes through the Big Shot!  It was loud, and I thought I broke my machine.  Bye for now, Maria

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