Friday, February 7, 2014

My Go To Crafty Tools

I've had a few things break lately--two wheelie suitcases, threadbare jeans, and the washing machine. Right before Christmas too!  I thought if one more thing breaks I am going to bed and bury myself under the covers!  Do you ever have moments like that?  Then, two of my go to crafty tools broke!

Can I have a moment of silence for my hot glue gun?  We had a good run--I had this glue gun for 20 years!  Yes, 20 years!  A funny story about this little glue gun...Heather and I were stamping in my studio one Friday evening.  I was trying to glue together these snowflakes. Well, I couldn't figure out why my glue wasn't working/melting/setting up!  Very frustrating!  Thought I had a bad batch of glue--is there even such a thing?  So, the next day I went out to buy some new glue sticks. Did that work?  NOPE!  So, it was back to the store for me for a new hot glue gun!    

Don't ever take away my Big Shot!  The handle broke the other day. Oh, the horrors!  Leave it to my hubby to take it apart and fix it! He's good like that!  He loves to take things apart, and put them back together--with either an improvement or modification.  Now, I have a Super Big Shot!  What's a Super Big Shot?  I don't know either--he just made that up! 

What are your go to crafty tools?  Wishing you longevity in all your crafting tools!  Happy crafting!  Bye for now, Maria

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