Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spiral Rossette Topiary

Like the ribbon wreath, this project doesn't have any rubber stamping--oh, the horrors! This topiary turned out better than I expected--I love when that happens! 

I couldn't find the a container in the color and I liked.  So, I bought one the size and shape I wanted and just spray painted it black--just use a spray paint for the type of container you have.  Before...


The styrofoam base for my topiary came just like this from the craft store.  I just had to find the right container for the base to fit in. 

The flowers and grass are made with the spiral from the Table Setting Big Shot Die (soon to be retired June 30th).  Cut many, many, many spirals from lots and lots and lots of DSP.  You will need more than you think--I didn't actually count them, sorry!  I used all colors and patterns of DSP--no need to worry about being matchy, matchy!

The next step is not hard to do, but it took me many days and long hours to roll up all the flowers and grass.  I worked on it a little bit at a time over a period of a couple weeks.  Start by rolling up the spiral from the outside in toward the center. 

Roll up your spirals as tight as possible.

When you get to the center, let go a little bit to acheive the desired "flowered" look.  Form your flower up a little bit in your fingers.  Add glue to the center--I used Tombow Multi. 

Hold flower together for a few seconds.  Set aside to dry. 

Repeat many times.

Glue flowers onto styrofoam form with hot glue.  Repeat for the grass.  Wrap ribbon around wooden dowel and add a pretty bow.  Add Beautiful Butterflies (Big Shot) with Rhinestone Brads in the center.  Spray with Smooch Spritz for a sparkle and shine.

Happy Creating!  Bye for Now, Maria

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