Friday, November 8, 2013

Inspiration Journal

As a rubber stamper and demonstrator, I always get asked, "where do you come up with your ideas?"  This is the one question I get asked the most.  Most of my ideas come from Stampin' Up!'s annual convention--being able to attend is a demonstrator perk.  Between the swaps and displays, I see more than enough to carry me through the entire year.  I must take at least 1000 pictures when I'm there--so glad they invented digital cameras!  Our demonstrator magazine and online community have soooooo many ideas, pics, tutorials (yes, another perk, wanna sign up?).  So many ideas, so little time! 

Paper-crafting magazines (there are still a few of them around), blogs, websites, Pinterest, and even google, are great places to get ideas. The Stampin' Up! catalogs have tons of samples.  Feel free to CASE--that's copy and share everything!   When something flashes across our screen, we "pin it!"  What did we ever do before Pinterest?!  But, what do you do with a magazine clipping, or an old post card that inspires you?  How about placing these items in an Inspiration Journal? 

Inspiration and ideas can come from lots of places--think outside of the crafting/stamping world.  Think about your favorite things, places and stores.  What is about it that you love so much ?  Is it the color, textures, graphics, color combos?  Jot those down in your journal.  When you're stuck for an idea, pull out your journal.  Those ideas can be a spring board in your card-making and scrapbooking. 

Where do you look for inspiration?  Bye for now, Maria

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  1. Hi Maria - love this post and I also love keeping inspiration around. Thank goodness for pinterest, makes it easier to save it electronically so it doesn't become clutter.