Friday, December 23, 2011

Upsy Daisy Laptop

Stampin' Up! has this great product called Decor Elements--or vinyl art. They are adhesive so you can stick them anywhere--walls, home dec items, or even a laptop. Personalized laptop covers are all the rage right now.  For some of my own personal flair, I added the Upsy Daisy Decor Element in white to the front of mine. 

The Upsy Daisy Decor Element is 13 x 13.
Directions are included--I highly recommned reading them throughly and carefully!
Decor Elements are easy to use, and are removable.
However, they CAN NOT be used more than once!

Start with a clean surface.  I started off by cleaning the front of my laptop with a microfiber cloth.

PS--if you can't find the applicatior tool (separate purchase),  you can use a Pampered Chef pan scraper.  

First, turn the vinyl art over so the grid is face up.  Rub the Applicator Tool over the entire surface.  Slowly and carefully peel the grid paper away from the image. 

Stick it where you want it--very carefully, of course!

With the applicator tool, rub the image onto laptop. 
Carefully, and slowly pull the image sheet away from the laptop. 

My laptop is 17" and it took two Upsy Daisies to stretch across the front.  One is used exactly as it is out of the packaging.  I cut up the second one to "fill" in the edges.  I will save the leftover flowers for some future project. 

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