Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Rubber Stamping & Card Making!

My bliss is spending time with family and friends rubber stamping and making cards.  Some of the following items are retired.  Some of these stamps and accessories are not even from Stampin' Up!, but I wanted to share them with you anyway.  Hope you enjoy them!

The silk flowers on the above card are from the floral section of the craft store.  Most silk flowers can be pulled off the stems, and will lay flat on your cards. 

This card is inside a vellum envelope, which is hand made.  Don't cover up your creations inside a boring white envelope.  Give the postal service something to look at.   

The flowers are attached to a "belly band" that wraps around the entire card.  To open the card, slide off the "belly band."

I did not stamp the happy hello crab card.  I received this in a card swap at convention.  One time when my mom was grumpy (she's never usually like that), I sent her this card with the words "feeling crabby?" on the inside.  It has become a joke between the two of us.  We keep remounting the "crab front" onto another card base to resend it at another time. 

 This flower card was a sent of note cards (Anna Griffin) that a friend of mine gave me for Christmas one year.  They also came with vellum envelopes too--I didn't have to make them!  Well, I couldn't leave them un-stamped!  I added a stamp tag and ribbon. 

This card is using some DSP that had a silver foiled/metallic sheen to it.  It did not photo well.  Here's the inside...

Thanks for stopping by!  Bye for now, Maria

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